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Extremely helpful and supportive.  The instructors are willing to spend whatever time you need to ensure you have a full understanding of the subject.

Vibrant provide a designed and structured course to give you the maximum benefits from this education. It is a rigorous course designed to promote you to a position where you not only pass the test but have a practical understanding of its place and purpose in the professional world. This is definitely not a brain dump course.
You are left with a tremendous feeling of accomplishment.

Nicholas Westmancoat


MCSE +  Security Specialist (Windows 2003) ::..

Batch   Duration    
Starting Date
Full Time - Fast Track   16 Days     27th Oct, 2006 - 11th Nov, 2006
    14 Days (2007 onwards)     13th Jan, 2007 - 26th Jan, 2007
          3rd Feb, 2007 - 16th Feb, 2007
          24th Feb, 2007 - 9th Mar, 2007
          17th Mar, 2007 - 30th Mar, 2007

Upgrade to Win2003 MCSE  ::..

Batch   Duration    
Starting Date
Full Time - Fast Track   5 Days -

CCNA ::..

Batch   Duration    
Starting Date
 Full Time - Fast Track    5 Days -      12th Nov, 2006 - 16th Nov, 2006
          27th Jan, 2007 - 31st Jan, 2007
          17th Feb, 2007 - 21st Feb, 2007
          10th Mar, 2007 - 14th Mar, 2007
          31st Mar, 2007 - 4th Apr, 2007

(Checkpoint)  ::..

Batch   Duration    
Starting Date
Full Time - Fast Track   3 Days - schedule please request on 

CCNP ::..

Batch   Duration    
Starting Date
Full Time - Fast Track   14 Days -

* Full Time - We also conduct MCSE Security+, CompTIA Network+, Security+, CCDA , CCDP, Exchange 2003, Checkpoint CCSA Courses. For schedule and more detail send request to 


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