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 Vibrant Boot Camp :: TESTIMONIALS                                                    

STUDENT'S FEEDBACK (USA, UK, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Bahrain, Cyprus, France, Canada ... more) ::..

Outstanding instruction on both 'School house book techniques' and real world usage of windows 2000. Trainer was outstanding. Concern for the material content and student's understanding. If someone is serious about getting ahead in the IT field, than Vibrant Boot camp is the only way to go.

Doug Ruggles, Senior Networking Manager, Darlington Inc, USA.

Very knowledgeable instructor that could make difficult concept easy to understand. I had a great time!
Hung Huynh, Japan

Explanation was very good. I could understand almost 100% of the program. I think it's a good environment in which I could study.
Keisuke Yamamura

Great presentation. Plenty of time to prepare for exams.
Vitaliy Nedavniy, USA

Hi!, I am Puvi Thamboo. I work as a senior consultant, Microsoft Canada. Before joining, I've compared Vibrant bootcamp with many other boot camps in USA and found it quite comprehensive and cost effective. I am glad that it was the right choice as training and facilities at Vibrant were very good. Trainer gives you the real life scenario that helps in understanding the product in totality.

Puvi Thamboo  Microsoft, Canada.

Thanks guys for your hardwork and lots of concentration - a very
positive experience and certainly a successful visit.

Many thanks
Mark James HP NSPS UK

The excellent tuition and personal attention given. The ability to now understand the course taught which is more valuable than certification. Good food, Good teaching, Good People
Mr. Alan McDonald U.K.

Lectures were excellent. Very flexible to student needs. White board and chalk technique really worked well.
Christopher Gibson, CA, USA

Availability and accessibility of instructor was key to our success. Thanks Vibrant!
Steve Patton, Law Tech analyst, CSAA, CA, USA

The instruction was the best I have ever had. Everyone should attend Vibrant Boot camp.
Robert Almerandes, USA

Instructor's lectures are very well delivered and well structured. Learned lot! Well done Vibrant- Liked the course, good instructor, loved the end result - an MCSE.
Paul Mason, UK

I like the knowledge of the trainer. I will use many things I learned at Vibrant boot camp directly in my job. Possibly I will come back for CCNP. Thank you!
Lowell Ritz, DCMA - Northern Europe

The instructor was simply great!! Thank you Vibrant for a fantastic learning experience.
Nave Bowden, Etalk, USA

The best thing about the camp is high technical level of the trainer and I could achieve my goal, MCSE+CCNA.
Tim Bohling, UK

I did my CCNA boot camp at vibrant boot camp. Very good course, comfortable surrounding and a shame that I could not stay longer. I will definitely come for CCNP in future.
Jay Bhardwa, Arup, UK

The instructor was very helpful in making difficult concept understand. The program delivered all that was promised. I'll recommend it to friends.
Jeff Longacre, USA

The training was first class and well delivered. The instructor showed and demonstrated a high caliber of skill and subject Knowledge. I would like to thank all staff at Vibrant for making my experience a memorable one. Thank you.
Bryan Wilkins, SERCO, Germany

Excellent Instructor. Good humor! Thanks Vibrant.
Kevin White, Ireland

Thanks for the good time. Food and weather were perfect, but I never used the pool. I cant believe that learning is so interesting that I worked from 08:00 am until midnight. The teacher spent so much time with me and the rest of the group even outside studying hours.
So my result is more than 910.
Dr.Joerg Willme, Germany

The instructor was fantastic!. I could not have asked for a better instructor. Vibrant Bootcamp is the place to do MCSE/CCNA/CCNP. The instruction was excellent, the staff was exceptional and the food was splendid. Climate was sunny and beautiful. I would most certainly recommend Vibrant bootcamp in the future."
Saeed Hodjati, UK 

The instructor taught real world experience and did not just teach us to pass the test. He knew the subject well and was encouraging. His lectures were very well delivered

Colver Dennis, USA 

The information was presented well and we had a lot of fun with the instructor. I would send a friend to take this class. The instructor kept us going

Dweight Baccus, Switzerland

The instructor was great! Always very supportive, I thought I would never be able to accomplish what I did in a boot camp

Alan Coventry, Scotland

 The instructors were excellent. They handled pressure well and taught in a well-prepared, informative manner. I have achieved MCSE/XP/CCNA/CCNP in 45 days. If you need to get your MCSE in a short period of time, Vibrant Bootcamp is the only way to go

Mark Romero, Japan.

If you're serious about getting certified, this is the place to go. Definitely worth their competitive price. Excellent instructors, making it possible for anyone to learn no matter what your level of experience or knowledge. Vibrant is a wonderful group of people. Very good at trying to meet special requests or needs. Also a very friendly and helpful staff at the resort, making for an all around pleasant experience.

Michael Doty - (Former US Army - Bahrain) USA

I liked everything about Vibrant Bootcamp and I’ll be back for CCNP. Everything about camp can be found at my site.

Mr. Jeremy Childers - USA

The great experience of being India and the fact that I eventually passed all exams , with excellent training and Guidance. Our Trainer has a brain like a SPONGE.

Mr. Matt Robinson Networking Consultant U.K.


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