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  July - August 2006 Boot camp specials :

MCSE CCNA Special Discount
HURRY, there are only a few seats left and this offer is good for a limited time! 

Last Minute Specials are good for the following classes:

Course Name/ Location


Regular Price

Special Offer

MCSE 2003 Boot Camp
- San Mateo, Ca, -Baltimore

* 7/21/06-8/03/06

* 8/10/06-8/25/06




MCSE + Security
- San Mateo, Ca, -Baltimore

* 7/21/06-10/03/06

* 8/10/06-8/27/06




- San Mateo, Ca, -Baltimore

* 8/06/06–8/10/06




MCSE 2003 + CCNA
- San Mateo, Ca, -Baltimore

* 7/21/06-8/10/06



MCSE 2003 Security + CCNA
- San Mateo, Ca, -Baltimore

* 7/21/06-8/10/06



Register online: Click Here

Pay online: Click Here

Terms and Conditions:

To receive the promotional pricing or offer, you must purchase one of the training classes above by 7/20/06. 

. Upon registration all fees must be paid in full
. No transfers, cancellations, refunds or rescheduling of classes are allowed
. Not valid in conjunction with any other special offer or promotion
. Void where prohibited by company or government policy
. Offer is only good while supplies last

Call Now : 800-519- 2267
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MCSE CCNA Certification boot camp
MCSE Boot Camp Certification.
Outstanding instruction on both 'School house book techniques' and real world usage of windows 2000. Trainer was outstanding. Concern for the material content and student's understanding. If someone is serious about getting ahead in the IT field, than Vibrant Boot camp is the only way to go.

Doug Ruggles, Senior Networking Manager, Darlington Inc, USA.

Microsoft MCSE Boot Camp

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