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  MCSE CCNA CCNP Boot Camp Fees :

Vibrant offers the best prices in the world. Check out our Special Offers and the Regular Schemes, to find out how competitive our Pricing Structure is compared to the rest.



 (Dual Occupancy)
(Single Occupancy)

MCSE 2003
(Three Certifications - 13 Days)
  $ 5400 $5900

MCTS - Vista Certification (Hot Certification)
(One Certifications - 3 Days)
  $ 990 $990

MCSE + Security (2003)
(Six Certifications - 14 Days)
  $ 5850 $6400

MCSE + Security (2003) + MCTS Vista
(Seven Certifications - 15 Days)
  $ 6700 $7150

CCNA ( 5 days )
$ 2250 $2400

CCNP (14 days)
$ 5850 $6400

  Upgrade to Win 2003 MCSE (5 days)
  $ 1800 $2100

MCSE Security + CCNA (19 days)
  $ 7750 $ 8450

MCSE Security + CCNA + MCTS (20 days)
  $ 8500 $ 9250

MCSE/MCSA + CCNA (18 days)
  $ 7200 $ 7900

CCNA + CCNP (19 days)

$ 7750

$ 8450

MCSE/MCSA + CCNA + CCNP (33 days)
  $ 12600 $ 13900

MCSE - Security + CCNA + CCNP (33 days)
$ 13050

$ 14300



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The instructor was great! Always very supportive, I thought I would never be able to accomplish what I did in a boot camp

Alan Coventry, Scotland

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