MCSE Boot camp.

MCSE Boot camp

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 Vibrant Boot Camp :: Facilities ::                                                                 
All Inclusive Bootcamp:
  • Price includes Instruction, Courseware, Exam fees,  hotel accommodation, Food (Morning Breakfast, Lunch, Tea and Coffee). No hidden Cost involved
  • All you have to do is book your place, Pay Fees  to us, book flights. We do the rest.
  • Pass rate so far - Highest in Industry.
  • Class size - between 4 and 14 people.
  • Trainer and lab assistant available all the time for one to one tutoring.
  • Hours are from 9am to 6pm with breaks. 
  • Exam preparation provided and all exams done as soon as a subject is completed.

We give you the best in every category!  This is what we call a "Real" boot camp!

Industry   Experience "Certified" Trainers -
 motivational, enthusiastic, experienced, trainer/consultants with a broad area of expertise.  You get what you pay for - the finest in the industry!
No distractions.  
No other classrooms or students around. No competition for resources and services - our students occupy an entire
isolated facility!  We provide Three  star/ Equivalent  hotels, it is the best way to   encourages teamwork, allows attendees to focus.
Large, comfortable Hall with networked Computers i.e. Latest Computer for each student.
Long class days.   
We start Early morning at 9:00 am and don't finish until at least 6:00 PM.  Group activities in the evenings, 24 hour a day access to lab. Extra practical guidance and
Multi Media CBT's   are available for Reference. Trainer is available all the time. Trainer stays at hotel with students.
Internet Access also available for your use during event.
Simulation Practice exams
We have arranged for best in the industry, there is no comparison! 
Workshop environment
meaning intense, informal, creative, interactive, hands-on.  You will not simply be lectured to, but engage in discussions, group labs,  review sessions, and experimentation.  You will learn as much from
networking with your fellow attendees as the books and instructor!
Full Package  
Hotel Facility  from the night before camp starts through the last day of your camp.  Beautiful Location and Best of Hotel Facilities will make you enjoy  your stay.
In depth Technical course and pace is designed to suite Event ensuring highest Quality Education for you. Don't you think a paper certificate is undeserving of such intense efforts and achievements?
The best value in the industry.   An experience you will never forget. Vibrant has a proven track record of success!
In Nutshell You'll receive:

expert pre- and post-camp mentoring
multiple media self-study
intensive classroom training
telephone technical support
e-mail technical support
hands-on labs
practice tests


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